Custom Fabrics

Custom FabricsWe are happy to work with you to design fabrics specifically for your needs. Please contact us at

Smart Surface Technology

NanotechnologyAstenJohnson has developed the solution to improve fabric cleaning and shower efficiency with its ArmorTec™, a yarn surface treatment applied using nano-chemistry. This protective coating has demonstrated its effectiveness to be both hydrophobic and oleophobic which reduced the ability of water and oil base contaminant to stick to the fabric.

Read more about ArmorTec™ here

Raw Materials

Raw materialsAstenJohnson is proud to be among the few companies manufacturing its own filaments.  Learn more about our Filament division here


SeamsAstenJohnson offers a wide range of seam designs to always give optimal results to your application. We always put the highest quality standards from our bestselling MonoZip to a basic clipper seams.

Research & Development

Though our research and development our products are constantly evolving. Contrary to some offering “me-too” products. AstenJohnson works hand in hand with the industry and with universities to design fabrics that are application specific to address the highest performance in operations giving exceptional value and increased profit.

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