AstenJohnson offers the widest range of wet filtration woven and spiral fabrics.

Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water ManagementWith the increasing importance of water conservation and effluent quality, effective sludge dewatering is key to the success of any waste water treatment. AstenJohnson offers a wide range of spiral and woven fabrics specifically designed to give optimal dewatering. Our proven record has enabled us to become the preferred partner of world renowned OEMs in the field.


  • Gravity tables
  • Sludge Presses
  • Screening

Cheese DryerOur FoodPro™ line offers a wide variety of food approved belts available to the world’s food and beverage manufacturing industries. Our conveyor belts are manufactured to the very highest quality standards.


  • Dairy Belts
  • Drainage Belt
  • Dryer Belt
  • Conveyor Belt
  • Slider Belt

MiningPrecise fabric selection is the key to all mining and power applications worldwide. Numerous heavyweight designs are available to meet the most abrasive and corrosive conditions. We have the right product for your demanding needs.


  • Coal waste Dewatering Belts
  • Sand Dewatering Belts
  • Horizontal Dewatering and Conveying
Flue Gas Desulfurization

Flue Gas DesulfurizationAstenJohnson offers a complete range of highly stable horizontal belts used in FGD gypsum dewatering. Our specially designed fabrics contain multifilament to insure optimal filtrate retention.

Industrial Conveying

Industrial ConveryingDon’t hesitate to contact us to discuss all industrial conveying applications. In certain applications, our woven and spiral designs are used to replace rubber belts.

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