We are a global supplier of woven belts for the nonwovens industry with a dedicated team of experts to provide you with solutions for all of your web processing needs. We have a full line of high performance Forming, Drying, Conveying, Dewatering and Bonding fabrics.  Our forming wires offer considerable advantages in cleaning and are the easiest to pin with our MonoZip seam technology.  We also offer metal fabrics and wires for honeycomb air diffusers.


Spunbond and Meltblown/SMS

Forming fabrics

  • SpunbondGood formation at high speeds.
  • Great edge hold-down
  • Excellent release properties
  • Quick static dissipation
  • High speed tracking and stability
  • Easy cleaning, easy drip removal
  • Minimal fiber penetration
  • Engineered surfaces and nano-coatings for web adhesion
  • MonoZip Seam™ – Fastest Seam in the World

Metal mesh for Cold air diffusers

  • MeltblownUniform distribution of air flow
  • High stability and long lifetime
Air Laid

Air LaidForming, transfer and bonding fabrics

  • Quick static dissipation
  • High Fiber Support Index for increased SAP retention

Drying and curing fabrics

  • High airflow designs, woven or spiral-mesh
  • Advanced polymers to resist hydrolysis
  • Anti-contaminant materials and coatings
  • Easy to clean.
Hydro Entangling

 Compacting and needling belts

  • Applications include entangling, bonding and texturing for a wide range of fibers
  • Wide variety of surface geometries
  • Various web texturing designs
  • Woven stainless steel mesh available, endless or pin-seam

Cylinder wires

  • Woven stainless steel and polymer meshes
  • Various hole sizes and open areas for optimum entangling or patterning
  • CardingQuick static dissipation
  • Optimized fiber retention
  • MonoZip™ – Fastest Seam in the World
Through-Air Dryers
  • Single twisted cable metal wires for optimal lifetime.

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