Training, Inspection and Optimization
AstenJohnson professionals will be happy to offer tailor-made courses for your staff.

Pulp Machine Operation and Optimization Course

This course is specifically oriented toward operators and new managers who want to further their knowledge and understanding of pulp machine operation and optimization. Several on and off site formats are available and adapted to your specific needs.

Here are some of the points covered:

  • Wood Species, fiber characteristics and how it impacts your stock
  • Fundamentals of Drainage
  • Understanding Formation
  • Headbox Operation
  • Vacuum optimization
  • Press Section troubleshooting
Pulp Machine Audit

training - main auditAstenJohnson offers papermakers complete pulp machine audits. Whether you have a specific problem or want to optimize your equipment contact us to ask how we can help.

Twin Wire Press Inspection and Optimization

Our twin wire press inspection does not only focus on the fabrics but help you get a global view of your presses. All sections of the press are checked and recommendations are made on what should be replaced and how you can get more out of your equipment.

Here are some of the points covered:

  • Headbox
  • Wedge zone adjustments
  • Nip rolls condition and loading curve
  • Fabric condition and tracking

training -- measurementsWe offer our customer a complete range of measurements such as:

  • Drainage measurements
  • Press Felt measurements
  • Fabric caliper

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