Keep your toughest line on the move.

When extreme production demands challenge your operations, trust belt specialists to keep your business moving.

Industrial manufacturing equipment endures an array of tough, harsh processes involving agents such as force, heat and chemicals. That’s the level of reliability you can expect from Advanced Fabrics belts. Our fabrics — and the team of professionals behind them — are trusted to keep materials flowing through industry’s most rugged production lines.

Wastewater Treatment

The water conservation and effluent quality requirements of sludge dewatering are key indicators of successful wastewater treatment. Our proven record of optimal dewatering and availability of both spiral and woven fabrics are a few reasons leading OEMs chose us as a preferred partner.


  • Gravity tables
  • Sludge presses
  • Screening

Food and Beverages

Many global food and beverage manufacturers have something in common: FoodPro™ belts from Advanced Fabrics. Our line of food-approved belts is manufactured to the highest quality standards and available in polyester and polypropylene.


  • Dairy
  • Drainage
  • Dryer
  • Conveyor
  • Slider


Precise fabric selection is key within mining and power applications. Our heavyweight designs are created to withstand even the most abrasive and corrosive conditions.


  • Coal waste dewatering
  • Sand dewatering
  • Horizontal dewatering and conveying

Flue Gas Desulfurization

Our specially designed, highly stable fabrics for FGD gypsum dewatering include multifilament to ensure optimal filtrate retention.

Industrial Conveying

We offer woven and spiral designs for industrial conveying or to replace rubber belt based systems.


Our belts are trusted to support the complex process of turning particulate glassmat into damage-resistant sheets of material.


  • Forming
  • Saturator
  • Dryers


As a leading supplier to the board industry, our wood processing belts are trusted for reliability and performance.


  • Forming
  • Pre-press
  • Pressing
  • Antistatic