Strong performance is our daily expectation.

Our specialized belts, which support light-weight to heavy web nonwovens, are backed by a dedicated team of experts you can rely on, too.

Faster belt speeds and cost containment demands dictate belt performance throughout the manufacturing process. Our fabrics install quickly, run smoothly and clean easily. That’s why they’re trusted for their ability to optimize production uptime while simplifying day-to-day operations. When you choose Advanced Fabrics expect quality at every turn.

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Spunbond and Meltblown (SMS)
Through-Air Dryers

Forming Fabrics

Our forming fabrics support excellent high-speed formation, tracking and stability with prime edge hold-down and release. Add innovations such as engineered surfaces and nano-coatings for web adhesion and MonoZip seams to your production line for unparalleled flexibility and performance.

  • Easy cleaning, easy drip removal
  • Quick static dissipation
  • Minimal fiber penetration

Through-Air Dryers

Our fabrics are created for maximum lifetime in production processes that involve the rapid heating of curing, thermal bonding or drying.


Support smooth efficient combing of synthetic, natural or recycled fibers into various weights and orientations. Our carding fabrics feature advanced Quicklink™ technology to make belt changes fast and simple.

  • Optimized fiber retention
  • Quick static dissipation

Forming, Transfer & Bonding Fabrics

Our belts are built to withstand the rigorous chemical, thermal or mechanical processes of airlaid production.

  • Quick static dissipation
  • High fiber support index for increased SAP retention

Drying & Curing Fabrics

Our high airflow designs are easy to clean and have anti-contaminant materials and coatings with advanced polymers that resist hydrolysis.

  • Woven
  • Spiral mesh